TangoFiles instructs, performs, and creates Argentine Tango dance and concert events in Sonoma County.

Photo of Alisa & Alejandro Offering group classes, private instruction, and workshops, as well as concerts and productions focusing on the elegant Argentine Tango, TangoFiles seeks to promote the culture and social aspects of tango. Our clients range from people who want to learn to tango, to those wanting to host a cultural event.

TangoFiles is owned and operated by Alisa Adams and Alejandro Oyela.

Alisa Adams:  Tango performer and instructor. Dancing for over twenty five years and trained in classical ballet and modern dance, Alisa Adams began studying Argentine Tango exclusively ten years ago. She has traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for intensive study and has performed original tango choreography at Stanford University, participated in tango documentaries, and currently instructs group and private lessons in Sonoma and Santa Rosa.

Alejandro Oyeula:  Composer, musician, and tango instructor, Alejandro Oyeula is a native of Argentina who shares his knowledge and love of tango culture via music, translation, and dance. He has performed original tango compositions at Laney College, and he composes tangos for SF Bay area band Tango No. 9. He is currently working on a tango for string quartet and teaches tango with Alisa in Sonoma County.

¡ Viva el Tango!

Argentine Tango Classes & Events

Alisa Adams          Alejandro Oyuela