Tango Mendocino

Tango Fitness Test

Score one boleo for each match:

  • If dancing tango in a parking lot, theater lobby, grocery store, on a mountain top, or other unusual location feels normal.

  • If you've experienced more intimacy in a three minute dance than in some of your long term relationships.

  • If you've been nailed by a visiting teacher who happened to see the only mistake you probably made the whole dadgum day.

  • If you've given up trying to take meticulous notes.

  • If you can't make heads or tails out of previous notes.

  • If you can identify orchestras' earlier and later periods.

  • If you've spent hours learning a great combination & several more trying to reconstruct it.

  • If you have had a bunion, callus, corn, or shoe surgically removed.

  • If you've seen someone jump up to dance after they just told you they were "resting."

  • If you've left a milonga early grumbling on a lousy night.

  • If you've left a milonga early to savor an exquisite moment.

  • If your Christmas letter, phone message, screen name, license plate, or pet names include a tango reference.

  • If you've accidentally embellished the foot of a neighbor.

  • If you've publicly mourned the loss of a favorite pair of shoes.

  • If you've left the floor wearing a martyr's smile while inwardly cursing a rapidly swelling injury.

  • If you have felt a partner's stomach growl.

  • If you FF through the dialog & artsy stuff in "The Tango Lesson," "Tango Bar" & "Tango!"

  • If your tango CD collection is worth more than your car.

  • If you've had arrhythmic palpitations over heated discussions.

  • If you've misinterpreted an invitation to dance that was meant for the person behind you.

  • If you've been moved to tears by a moment that knocked your sacadas off.

  • What's your score?

    With thanks and a Tango hug to Polly McBride of Portland, OR, and her Polly's Tango Talk blog.

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