Tango Mendocino

The A-B-C's of Tango

Do you...

Associate tango with life?

Browse music stores for the tango section?

Collect treasured moments of guilt-free passion?

Dance great one minute & galumph the next?

Embellish in check-out lines?

Forego meals & sleep?

Get antsy after several days without?

Have tango schedule entered in your Palm Pilot?

Invent stuff that doesn't work?

Juggle vacation time around, ahem, events?

Keep dancing when it hurts to walk?

Leave self-inflicted wounds below your knees?

Memorize tunes you don't know the names of?

Need to tango or want to tango?

Own enough black clothing to open a boutique?

Play tango music loudest?

Question your obsession on a bad night?

Recognize dancers from the knees down?

Snack on Altoids & aspirin?

Teach anyone who'll listen?

Understand innocent intimacy?

Value vintage venues?

Wish the two of you had met sooner?

eXamine the room for partners when entering?

Yearn to dance at all hours of the day and night?

Zip to ebay & search for tango items?

With thanks and a Tango hug to Polly McBride of Portland, OR, and her Polly's Tango Talk blog.

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